Home Made Kothavarangai (cluster beans) Vathal


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Kothavarangai, guar, and cluster beans are essential sources of iron that aid in the body’s absorption of the metal in its most soluble form. The preparation of Kothavarai Vathal, also known as sun-dried cluster beans or dried cluster beans (Guar Phali in Hindi), involves boiling this extremely healthy vegetable in salted water for a short while, letting it dry overnight on a cloth towel, then combining it with buttermilk, a small amount of turmeric powder, and chilli powder the following morning. Finally, it is sun-dried for four to five days, or until it is completely dehydrated.

Ingredients:Cluster beans sun-dried with butter milk, salt and turmericc

Foods Nature:crispy

Shelf Life:180 Days


Suits For:Side dish for Rice

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