Chettinadu Athirasam


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The most authentic Ellu Adhirasam from Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu’s culinary heritage centre.Even though Adhirasam is well-known throughout Tamil Nadu, Karaikudi’s Ellu Adhirasam is distinctive. This dessert bears a unique impact from a family that has been making it for nearly three generations in the Karaikudi region. This Adhirasam is made using the same procedure, which maintains its traditional flavour and taste.The standout feature of this unusual dessert is the crunchy texture and pooranam inside the Adhirasam. Sesame is used to sweets to improve digestion and give them a pleasant taste and flavour. The preparation process takes around five days due to the lengthy natural fermentation process of the dough to achieve the traditional taste, but the wait is well worth it when you taste the adhirasam created this way.

Ingredients:Rice Flour (Arisi Mavu), Vellam (Jaggery), Cardamom (Aelakkai), Sesame (Ellu)

Foods Nature:Crispy sweet with stuffing

Shelf Life:30 Days

Taste:Sweet (Medium)

Suits For:Family get-togethers, Deepavali celebrations, children, and sweet lovers

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