Tirunelveli Mixture


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The healthiest dietary source for both children and adults is unquestionably groundnuts. According to Mahatma Gandhi, “cultivation of peanuts converges to one goal: the welfare of four hundred million Indians,” during a conversation with British statesman Sir Stafford Cripps. Tamil people traditionally add the best ingredients possible, such as cardamom, curry leaves, asafetida, etc., to their everyday cuisine to make it more healthy.In a same vein, groundnuts are used in every kind of Tamil family food, from pakoda to chutney. Similarly, a large portion of delicious groundnut is used in the mixture’s preparation to make it a natural intake. This mixture’s distinct spice and flavour enhance the flavour of the best groundnut.

Ingredients:Gram Flour, Rice Flour, Groundnut, Homemade Chilli Powder, Edigible Oil, Iodised Salt

Foods Nature:Crispy Snack

Shelf Life:30 Days

Taste:Medium Spice

Suits For:Groundnut Lovers, Spicy snack lovers, evening coffee, Rice Side dish

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