Kovilpatti Kokko Mitai(Sweet)


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a well-known and nutritious snack from Tamilnadu, India. Manila Burfi is yet another name for Koko Mittai. Even though ko mittai is widely accessible, you can only truly experience the true flavour and taste of Kovilpatti Koko mittai. For kids, the healthiest combo is groundnut and jaggery. For both children and adults, the nostalgic sweet is still a delight.This anytime snack is made with only the best, readily available materials from the area: groundnuts. Packed with groundnuts and jaggery, the koko mittai is similar to the kadalai mittai. However, the nuts are coarsely powdered, crushed, and then moulded into slabs. The deep cocoa-brown hue is attained organically without the need for additional colouring chemicals.

Ingredients:Groundnut, Jaggery

Foods Nature:Crunchy

Shelf Life:30 Days


Suits For:Kids and Sweet Lovers

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