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The Western Ghats are home to about 7000 kinds of recognised plants, making it one of the world’s top 10 hotspots for biodiversity. For about 2,000 years, Tamil people began domesticating various species according to their ideals. The Sundakkai, or Turkey Berry, is a semi-domesticated plant native to the western Ghats. People in the Western Ghats have been producing Vathal—a special method of drying fresh plant food with buttermilk and natural sunlight—for millennia due to the region’s tropical climate.This is a traditional dish in Tamil Nadu due to its remarkable therapeutic benefits. It is required to take Sundakkai Vathal following the Aegadasi fast since it cures stomach issues. This Sundakkai Vathal is created by hand using a conventional three-day sun-drying procedure. With premium buttermilk and carefully selected green, hard-skinned Turkey berries (Sundakkai), this Vathal offers a magnificent scent and flavour reminiscent of bygone eras.

Ingredients:Turkey Berry (Sundakkai), Butter Milk (Mor), Salt (Uppu)

Foods Nature:Crunchy side dish

Shelf Life:180 Days


Suits For:Side dish for Hot rice with Ghee, Curd Rice, Puli Kuzhambu

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